Slam Dunk Contestants – [Shitty Boyz]

Out of the entire current generation of rap music, there aren’t many artists who are more notorious than BabyTron. While he is as Detroit as it gets, it seems like the Michigan rapper label is something that he has transcended and he is in a realm of his own. I mean, the success he has achieved in just a year or two since blowing up is mind-boggling, and while it’s not surprising when you hear exactly how versatile and intelligent his bars are, it is still something that I don’t realize until I really sit back and think about it.

After receiving millions of plays and views and most recently being selected to XXL’s 2022 Freshman Class, the one thing that seems to never change is his representation of his group Shitty Boyz. He says their name during or at the end of almost every song or performance he puts on, and no matter how massive he gets, it appears as if he’ll never stop putting on for the group.

It’s the squad as a whole that doesn’t get as much shine as they deserve despite these shoutouts, but the trio made up of Tron, TrDee, and StanWill is truly here to cause a scene. Their first album Trifecta landed in the Top 40 Apple Charts earlier this year, so that can only mean that their upcoming follow-up to the project is going to make even more noise. We have to wait until August 5th to witness the greatness that will go hand in hand with the album, but their brand-new single “Slam Dunk Contestants” has me beyond eager to hear the rest of the LP, especially after watching the CVO Films-directed visual.

This record is as Detroit as it gets, utilizing an appealing loop in the production that all 3 spitters are able to destroy, trading off verses of nonchalant, casual lyrics that are brilliantly pieced together even though they make it sound like they do this in their sleep. There isn’t a single line that falls flat or doesn’t land and considering all three emcees are known for this creativity, I think we’re in for another treat on August 5th when Trifecta 2 comes out.