Ski (Remix) – [DC the Don]

Just a few weeks ago Young Thug’s 300 entertainment imprint Young Stoner Life dropped off their highly anticipated collaborative album entitled Slime Language 2. With some absolutely massive features and some even more unbelievable verses from the label’s stand-out stars, it’s hard to choose a number one highlight, however, it’s pretty clear that with Thugger’s “Ski” challenge dance going viral, that might just be able to take the cake.

While all of these other rappers, artists, and fans are making videos dancing along to the song in their own unique and creative ways, LA by way of Milwaukee artist DC the Don decided to kick things up a notch and create an entire remix of the record, completely outdoing anyone else’s efforts thus far.

Although his sound is much more rock/punk-like than the original song, it adds an awesome differentiation to the track while DC also shows off his unbelievable musical skills. Let’s just say, just when you thought the song was being overplayed due to the fact that you saw it and heard it everywhere you looked, DC put such a spin on it that it almost sounds like an entirely new record, and that’s something I’m beyond grateful for.

Along with the remix comes an awesome and vibrant music video directed by the one and only 713Bran as well, and that’s something to get us even more excited than ever. With a rotation of various scenes, he finds himself in front of an ivy-filled wall in the midst of a spotlight as well as a bright, light-filled room that looks like it comes straight out of the future. Aside from these, another set is inside of a very colorful, yellow-walled room with a checkboard patterned ceiling and a red couch that pretty much matches DC’s outfit.

Finally, probably my favorite scene of them all takes place in front of a car that’s inside of a film studio, yet the backdrop and scenery around it attempts to make it look like it’s late at night outside. I’m not sure why I gravitate to this shot so heavily, but I just really enjoy the somewhat cheesy quality of it because they’re not trying to do too much, but it’s still different than what you might find in a typical hip-hop music video.

If you’re familiar with DC the Don, it’s no secret that his rise to fame in the music industry was anything but typical. Giving up his hoop dreams to dedicate his time to music seems to be paying off tenfold, and with such an interesting backstory comes an even more unique and individualistic sound that listeners and fans have been flocking to in hordes. What’s even more impressive is the fact that in every song and visual I see from him, he smiles and seems to just enjoy the life that he chose while working hard and grinding to continue to further establish himself within the music industry. It’s honestly a chore to root against DC the Don, so make sure you save yourself the energy and vibe out with his brand-new “Ski” remix as well as its accompanying visual below.