SKE Step – [Lil Queze]&[Ganz]

Nashville, Tennessee’s Ganz and Lil Queze have risen to the forefront of their city’s underrated underground music scene through sheer consistency and motivating lyrics that resonate with the youth across Nashville and beyond for both their ambition and swagger that sets them apart from their peers. For more than four years now this pair has been honing their sound and frequently dropping videos and projects, growing a prolific catalog that overshadows nearly every other artist from the Music City at the moment and while the talent they possess has always been obvious, both Queze and Ganz have clearly matured as artists and have fully found their flows and voices. Their newest visual for “SKE Step” is the latest in a long line of collaborations with Nashville’s go-to cameraman BornWinnerBJ who has been capturing their videos since day one and I look forward to seeing how they navigate through the rest of 2022.