Sisko and Kasidy – [Kweku Collins] x [Ajani Jones]

Chicago’s Closed Sessions label has built up an immensely talented roster of artists over the years, and this latest offering from Kweku Collins and Ajani Jones is a testament to that. On “Sisko and Kasidy”, the two artists trade heavily distorted, auto-tuned bars that quickly transport a listener deep into outer space. Kweku’s versatility shines once again on this track, curating a sound that can’t be exactly compared to anyone’s but his own. His vocals feel less like the leading force and more like a part of the entire production as the song progresses, leaving us with nothing but harmonized mumbles by the time the song ends. Ajani Jones feels like a natural addition to this track, delivering the same cold, melodic flows that marked his standout “Cocoons” project which dropped back in March. This is no doubt a strong duo and hopefully, we get more collaborations from these two in the future.