sippy cup-[mazie]

mazie has quickly become one of my favorite rising artists and there’s truly no greater pleasure than getting to feature her on our page once again. Before today, the 21-year-old Baltimore native has only dropped two songs on streaming platforms, but those two songs have proven to be enough to rally in a strong fan base and DSP support. Whether it’s “no friends” or “i think i wanna be alone”, mazie has quickly created music that is becoming timeless. Singing about real feelings and real emotions, the singer/songwriter allows listeners to connect with her truest self through the transparent vocal content and honest delivery. mazie is unlike any singer out right now which is what makes her so special. She is authentically herself and it’s a blessing to witness it.

Her newest offering that just released today is a song that will add more fuel to the engine of the mazie hype train. “sippy cup” is her third release and from the moment you take a listen to it, you’ll be hooked. Driven by the unique and dynamic production, “sippy cup” creates a fun ambience that is nothing short of refreshing. When I first had the chance to bump this in the car, the energy that exuded from this song was indescribable. mazie does a great job of of just making great music. I’m not sure how much better I can word it. She has a style and light that attracts those around her with a confidence and assurance that allows her to stand on her own two feet as an artist. It is very important that we celebrate stars when they are being formed and that’s exactly what’s happening with mazie.

I’m a huge fan of this girl and after listening to “sippy cup”, I think y’all will be as well. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!