sipping my tea – [Zack Fox]

I first found out about the always-entertaining Zack Fox, as many people have, from his hilarious commentary on Twitter, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that he was way more than simply a Social Media comedian. In fact, he’s much more than a comedian overall. Zack is a man of many talents, mostly comedic ones, but his impact on this culture is forever growing as he continues his domination in all things pop culture. I mean, I was just casually watching ABC’s Abbott Elementary with my girlfriend not too long ago and he popped up out of nowhere, eventually turning into one of my favorite characters on the show, but the fact that he has put his cleverness into other endeavors like writing for shows including PAUSE with Sam Jay, The Eric Andre show (one of my favorite shows ever), and Bust Down proves that he is part of the reason why these shows are so entertaining on all fronts.

I haven’t even gotten to his music, which is what we’re all here for, but I was first introduced to his sonic endeavors through Kenny Beats’ The Cave. When I watched the episode for the first time, my stomach was cramping from laughing so much, but I became obsessed and have probably seen that one installment over 20 times, and the more I watch it, the more I realize how one-of-a-kind he is in terms of creativity, thinking on his feet, and making situations that others often get opinionated about something that is much lighter and enjoyable.

This has never fluctuated throughout his music career, bringing laughable elements to his music that is still delivered in a way that is ingenious, crafty, and inventive to the point where you know you’re not listening to a meme rapper, and his abilities are far from a joke. His latest single “sipping my tea” might be one of the first songs that he has released in quite some time, but he shows off his unmatched abilities yet again over the BNYX-produced instrumental. I wouldn’t necessarily expect Zack or the man behind countless Yeat hits to team up, but this isn’t their first time working together, and the results are impeccable.

From the hard-hitting production that features uncharacteristic noises to Zack’s consistently impressive flows to his never-ending efforts to incorporate off-the-wall wordplay including Scandal references and another guy’s girl living in a place that smells like feet, there isn’t a single moment of this single that wasn’t carefully thought-out or executed to perfection. I certainly hope that Zack Fox has more in store for us in terms of music in the near future, but regardless of this, his music is stacked with enough references and lyrics to keep even his top monthly listeners occupied for decades, but just make sure you add “sipping my tea” to your playlist so you can keep rapping along to the Atlanta-born sensation.