Sippin & Swervin – [22GFay] ft. [Bravo the Bagchaser]

At the rate that new artists are popping up all over the world, it is literally impossible to keep up with all of the latest talents. This is something that I, as well as other writers, A&Rs, and even listeners have a tough time keeping up with, but I’m lucky enough to pretty much have a nonstop income of exciting up-and-coming talents being sent to me from a variety of homies in the industry.

As much as I love the west coast movement, and have for years, it is a region that I have totally been lacking on in terms of making sure to remain aware of the rising stars in the next generation of music, but my one homie hits me up all the time in order to keep me up to date and in the loop, so I am forever grateful for that. The latest pack he sent through highlighted a San Diego emcee who goes by the name of 22GFay as well as the feature in Bravo the Bagchaser, two blossoming spitters who are here to make a scene.

22GFay has already received some impressive buzz thanks to a slew of remarkable hits and a following of over 15,000 monthly listeners across streaming platforms, and his campaign continues with the release of a Shot by Late-directed music video for his 22Diegs-produced banger “Sippin & Swervin”. First off, the song is as smooth and intricate as I could have ever hoped for a new west coast act to deliver.

The beat is bouncy, the flows are seamless, and 22 has this way of staying consistent with his laid-back charisma while including a variety of notes that he seems to hit with ease before and after Bravo crushes his infectious verse. The music video is exactly what the song needed, showing the two emcees hanging out with their homies and some lovely ladies, hitting up some stores to spend some cash, and vibing out the entire way. While I am certainly going to be paying a lot more attention to what both of these prominent talents have coming out in the future, I am also excited to give this record another spin as soon as I get the chance.