sink – [aldn]

I think I may have said this before, but I feel like we don’t deserve someone like aldn. He is just such a hard-working beast, putting out so many songs and music videos that I don’t even know where you should begin if you were behind the curve in the first place, and literally everything he releases is pure gold. Last year, he dropped both greenhouse and predictable, two of my all-time favorite projects of the year that I still religiously bump to this day, and today, he announced a new EP entitled Good Grief that is due out this spring alongside a brand-new single entitled “sink” which was produced by aldn himself and Nick Sylverster.

In this one, his vocals are distorted as if they’re being played through a radio that doesn’t have a great signal, but this works so unbelievably well with the rock-forward guitar chords and drums, as well as interesting, higher-pitched elements within the melody. Even with such an eventful record, there is a bridge in the middle that changes things up, distracting us for a moment before the hook comes back in bigger and better than ever.

This one even comes with an amazing black and white music video that shows aldn alongside the rest of his band, but instead of being shown in one singular shot, they are divided by these scraggly little holes in the screen, providing such a unique take on an otherwise fairly simplistic visual, which isn’t surprising considering aldn never does what’s expected when it comes to his videos.

When asked about this song and the upcoming EP, aldn mentions:

“sink’ is about wanting to fall in love with someone but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t sink into love. This is the first single off my upcoming EP Good Grief and the production leans into a style I’ve been exploring such as using more live instruments.”

If this song and description aren’t more than enough to get you absolutely pumped about this forthcoming project, I don’t know what will. All I know is “sink” is immediately getting added to my playlist and it will be played pretty much on repeat until the EP lands in our laps, so I suggest you take the same course of action if you’re as big of an aldn fan as I am.