Sincerely Yours – [Koran Streets]

Just a few weeks after the release of his highly-anticipated and especially well-received new album, Late 20s, Koran Streets is on the rise as one of the hottest artists out of Berkeley right now. His rhymes, brutally honest and filled with intricate storytelling, offer an endless supply of street anecdotes, so much so that listeners tend to hang on every line he painfully lets out when on the mic.

Today, Streets makes his way back to Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new video for “Sincerely Yours”. As mentioned before, this track fits the blueprint of the CA talent’s storytelling style. He communicates immense passion by way of simple scenes, mostly led by body language and facial expressions alongside a few flex-worthy scenes. This music video speaks quite accurately to the journey that Late 20s takes listeners on, so click play below and if you haven’t already, listen to the album here!

Produced by: Eli Beats
Directed by: Luis Montoya & Koran Streets