Sincerely – [Rixxky Bands]

Ever since his Virgo EP released earlier this year, I’ve found myself coming back to Rixxky Bands every few months. Welcoming experimentation into his music and switching things up from time to time, Bands has proven to continue his growth as an artist throughout the year, and his most recent release, “Sincerely,” brings such full circle.

Perhaps oddly enough, the worlds of punk and alternative rock have slowly come to infuse themselves into rap culture. Something about the angst behind these genres makes sense to a rap mind, and “Sincerely” plays on this in a refreshing, passion-packed way. Rather than taking a half-step into the rock world, Rixxky Bands dives all the way in with this single, letting his bellowing deliveries loose over the raw energy of a guitar-based instrumental.

“Sincerely” is the perfect way for Rixxky Bands to keep things refreshing, so don’t sleep on this one. Listen below!