Since 91 – [Sonny Digital] ft. [$lugg]

I have always been a music fan who takes a producer-first approach. I just feel like there are so many hitmakers who barely get a fraction of the credit that they deserve because the artist that raps over their beat gets all the shine, but I try my best to make the producer known just as much as the emcees that I write about. What makes a producer even more appealing, in my eyes, is when they rap on their own production as well because they know just how to build a foundation from all angles, and Sonny Digital is the latest beat smith that I realized raps as well.

I honestly have no clue how long he has been getting behind the microphone, but the handful of songs that I have heard really show me so much potential from the Atlanta native. I mean, when you have a resume filled with smash hits like “Same Damn Time”, “Birthday Song”, “Tuesday”, “after Party” and more with some of the largest names in the game, you’re already doing just fine, but the fact that Sonny wasn’t content with being considered a secondary contributor means that you know he’s going to go hard when he hops in the booth.

“Since 91” is the title of his latest single and features fellow Atlanta local $lugg, and thanks to a little production assistance from an icon like Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E., this song is as fantastic as I could’ve ever imagined. The beat is clearly unbeatable, but the way Sonny is able to ooze energy while keeping himself relaxed is as much of an anomaly as it is intoxicating.

$lugg then gives us a super smooth while spitting lyrics that almost feel like he’s whispering in order to keep them between him and the listener, so this is a style that really ties things together impeccably well. The Decat-shot music video for “Since 91” is also such an entertaining addition to this drop, so make sure you show Sonny Digital the respect he deserves as a rapper just as much as you should respect his production, and check out his latest slapper below.