Simple – [Terell Online]

Every now and then, an artist will land on my radar that will intrigue my mind and cause me to become more interested in what they can offer. It seems like every single story in the world has been told before. Being able to embrace your past and hardships and be able to overcome them and accomplish your dreams is not something that is easily done. In fact, it can knock a lot of people down to the point where they don’t get back up. For the Cali-based artist Terell Online, his story is far from average. Appearing on the site for the very fist time, Terell Online is debuting his latest offering “Simple”.

To provide a bit of backstory, Terell Online faced a lot of hardships at a young age. Those being homelessness, trouble with the law, and even suffering from learning disabilities. Rather than letting any of those get in his way, he took the route of music and learned how to play various instruments. In doing that, he fell in love with the game and went full throttle ever since. In the song “Simple”, well, the concept is pretty straight forward. ¬†Telling a “simple” story about his come up, Terell speaks on his youth, fake homies who switched up, and more on this record. Simply put, I’m very curious to see Terell’s next moves and where he will go from here, and how his career will progress from this point.

Stream Terell Online’s single “Simple” below!