Over the past few years, I have found myself heavily supporting various artists, but some of these musicians have taken the crown as some of my personal favorites. Whether we’re talking hyperpop artists like ericdoa or glaive, Detroit phenoms like Icewear Vezzo or Babyface Ray, or all-around game changers like Yeat or Dro Kenji, I have a never-ending influx of great music to listen to. Out of all these emcees that I have gone all-in on, $NOT is one of the first names that comes to mind because he has seriously been one of the most innovative emcees in the world, and his dexterity never fails to amaze me.

His album Ethereal dropped in February of this year, and as much as I loved it, it seems like he has been on a victory lap to celebrate the project’s success rather than dropping too many new tracks, so when I come across a fresh record, you already know I am not going to miss out. Just the other day, he dropped his third track since February’s album entitled “Simple”, and the bouncy saturnn and Wick Katana-produced instrumental is flawless, which is an adjective that could describe $NOT’s contributions just as easily.

Less than a day after we got to enjoy this single on its own, the Florida icon teamed up with Mikey Rare to shoot a music video that remains consistent with the song’s title, but still incorporates some unique vibrancy and themes that make this visual anything but modest. It opens up with $NOT waking up in bed next to a lovely lady, comically wearing a winter jacket with the hood up as if this is how he sleeps nightly.

Wasting no time, he heads out and jumps in a whip inspired by Kanye’s Yeezy Mobiles before we’re shown a never-ending fleet of these vehicles that the iconic spitter is in charge of. As the flick continues, goats begin to pop up all over, the first of which is shown during a backyard party where $NOT hangs out with the rising talent Eem Triplin as well as my homie and all-around legend Keshore. All in all, there isn’t a single portion of this visual that isn’t captivating or entertaining, and while this is not surprising even slightly when remembering $NOT’s track record of sheer dominance, you need to witness the all-around phenom’s latest and greatest release as soon as you find the time!