Silver Skies – [MANILA GREY]

By far one of the most talented acts to break out of the west coast of Canada have returned with a summer anthem that has to be considered one of their best songs to date. With each release, it seems that the cohesion between artists Neeko, Soliven, and producer azel north continues to strengthen with their futuristic R&B standing out from the pack. Their latest single “Silver Skies” features all elements of a MANILA GREY single that people could want, an incredibly catchy hook paired with stellar verses and a beat that will leave you no choice but to get up and dance once the song begins. A lyric video was released alongside the single that features Soliven and Neeko casually roaming through the streets of the Philippines reciting their lyrics in some outstanding fits. This is another single off their upcoming No Saints on Knight Street set to drop later this year.

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Produced by azel north