SiLENCE – [The China Blue]

Just a couple of months ago, I was put onto The China Blue by one of my homies, and my introduction to him was his song “Nervous”. This track was very revealing and just out of the ordinary in all the best ways possible, so needless to say, I was spinning the record pretty much every day for quite some time. With all of the positive reception it had right off the bat, you’d think TCB would be on cloud 9, but that’s not always how it works. In a quote, he describes his mental state following the single’s release, stating:

“Around a month after my last single ‘Nervous’ was completed and released, I was in a weird spot mentally. I was very humbled by its reception from my regular listeners and the new ones I gained, but on a personal level realized how much my life contrasted from any appearance of comfort and ease I had in that time period of my life.”

Music isn’t always as easy and fluid as it might seem to outsiders, and TCB’s latest record “SiLENCE” shows this perfectly. Opening with a somewhat soft, gentle guitar progression that is joined by some resounding hits that echo off into the distance, we’re introduced to a perfectly serene and almost nonchalant instrumental that seems to pave an unbelievable path for The China Blue to do his thing. As he sings, there is so much honesty and passion behind his delivery, giving us a cross between almost an angsty pop-punk sound and a regular pop style that is sure to appeal to listeners of all intrigue levels.

As he goes on, the way he raises and lowers the pitch of his voice is truly masterful and he’s able to show us his range, which is seriously impressive if you didn’t already know. Although the details he discusses in this record might not be the most self-loving or confident, the way he sings would say otherwise as he shows poise and assertiveness in the face of hardships, and that’s one of the many reasons why I think The China Blue’s latest song “SiLENCE” is a must-listen as soon as you possibly can, alongside the intriguing visualizer as well.