Sierra Nights – [Kevin Abstract] ft. [Ryan Beatty]

Although I have admittedly never been a massive BROCKHAMPTON guy, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect their craft and all of the incredible things they’re doing for the music world. I just never really caught on to their wave, and I do feel like I’m missing out when I hear some of my closest friends raving about them, so it might be time to finally catch up. I have heard a handful of songs that I thoroughly enjoy, and that’s usually due in large part to the group’s frontrunner Kevin Abstract who also obviously has a booming solo career as well, so when I saw he teamed up with friend and collaborator Ryan Beatty for their new song “Sierra Nights”, I definitely wanted to listen up, and boy I’m glad I did.

Opening with some very intergalactic sound effects and pungent drums, soothing and calming synths eventually enter the picture for an awesome foundation that Kevin and Ryan build off of magnificently. As Kevin raps throughout his verses, he utilizes his vocal effects and autotune flawlessly, allowing these things to elevate the record and combine with the instrumental nicely while also giving him a chance to switch things up and show off the dexterity that has been captivating audiences for years, at this point. When Ryan comes in for the additionally soothing hook, his vocals just ring out effortlessly as so much sentiment and passion goes into every word he sings, making sure to not leave anything unsaid even though his portions of the record aren’t as lengthy as Kevin’s.

This dynamic duo just works so unbelievably well together, and while the track itself might not necessarily sound like anything else you’ll hear all day, that’s part of the reason why it drew me in so naturally. It’s no secret that Kevin Abstract is a star, and he lets himself shine more than ever before on his latest single “Sierra Nights”, making it a record you need to peep as soon as possible, as well as the incredible music video that pairs with it.