Side Eye – [Elton, Bedows, and Burns Twins]

Picking up right where they left off with their “Sun Shower” EP back in December, Elton, Bedows, and Burns Twins make their collective return on their second project, “Side Eye”.

The multi-faceted group of musicians accomplishes a whole lot in under 9 minutes with this project, each contributing their talents to make dynamic songs that feel like they each have a life of their own. The group also expands their sound even more on this project, which becomes immediately clear on the opening track. “Copy/Paste” hooks a listener with sinister synth patterns coupled with booming 808s as Elton and Allayne splatter the beat with cunning bars. It’s an unexpected switch from the blissful live instrumentation that the group has brought in the past. But don’t be fooled—by the time the track hits the 2-minute mark, a fanfare of horns and keys join in the chorus to turn the beat up a notch. The EP is full of unexpected moments like these, keeping a listener on their toes and never repeating the same trick twice. “Side Eye” further proves the magic that sparks when these three artists link up and allow each of their strengths to feed off each other, making for another memorable release from some of Chicago’s most talented musicians.