Sick / Winning – [Icyhallow]

Icyhallow is a rapper right on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts that’s making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his single entitled “Sick / Winning.” Some of my favorite songs every have legendary switch ups in the middle of them. The technical term for this is called a Solfege or more commonly called a Do Re Mi. The second half of this record “Winning” really lets you see the potential of Icyhallow. The Massachusetts rapper gave a few words on what inspired this single via email. Icy states that “He’s putting aside his own views of life to get with the girl he wants in the first part of the song.” For the second part he’s going in a completely different direction and trying to show his fans a different soundscape and how versatile he can be. His forthcoming album “Why Does Poison Feel So Good” is on the horizon and if you like what you hear here then that should be on your radar for the next few months.

Stream Icyhallow’s new record “Sick / Winning” for yourself after the break.