sick – [glaive]

The ever-expanding world of hyper-pop is flourishing on SoundCloud right now. With a community-driven appeal, artists and fans are joining together in a direction of left-field, over-the-top pop songs with lovably eclectic production, characterized best by genreless appeal and fervent songwriting. Collaboration is widespread throughout the entire scene, and today, joining forces with blackwinterwells and lieu, glaive is here with a new track entitled “sick,” joining together some of my favorite names in the community.

Just under a minute and a half in length, “sick” follows a similar song structure to that of many other hyper-pop songs coming up on SoundCloud right now. They’re sugary, almost overly decadent, but purposefully short. With production so bright and melodies so colorful, the brevity of these songs only makes them more desirable, and “sick” is a perfect example.

Glaive’s latest is equal parts catchy as it is emotional, delectable, and artistically sound, not to mention the fact that it employs two of my personal favorite producers on SoundCloud right now. Check out “sick” below, and if you haven’t already, I highly encourage delving further into the hyper-pop scene bubbling up on SoundCloud; it surely isn’t short of talent.

Produced by blackwinterwells & lieu