Shut Up- [Dababy]

With all of the buzz revolving around Dababy for the last year or so, it’s no secret that he’s living a lifestyle that can only be afforded by those with fortune and fame. One might express this with designer goods, expensive champagnes, or mansions and cars, but Dababy has done all of these simultaneously which should impress even the most seasoned flexers.

For his latest offering, Dababy delivered a single off of his upcoming album called “Shut Up”. This song isn’t for the easily offended because he kind of goes after every type of person in existence, telling them all to keep their words to themselves. The beat is as catchy as can be, with pan flutes lingering in the background cutting through heavy 808s. The hook is beyond hostile, which parlays nicely into his verses that share an equal amount of emotion. Throughout his verses, he boasts his accomplishments and all of the expensive things that he’s been able to acquire since rising to fame.

The visual shows the North Carolina rapper galivanting around Miami during a wild Superbowl weekend. It’s less of a music video and more of a miniature documentary of his insane weekend performing at a bunch of different venues for tens of thousands of fans. As he does this, he links up with countless celebrities that he has met throughout his tenure in the music industry including Diddy, Meek Mill, Shaq, Kanye, and Teyana Taylor, among many others. The video cuts out to show small portions of these interactions in order to truly gain the full experience as an outsider looking in. I’m usually not a fan of videos that pause the song to show off different clips, but the fact that he is able to flex his connections and lavish lifestyle is extremely impressive and super captivating.

Last year may have been the craziest year in DaBaby’s life thus far, but based on this one single weekend in Miami, this year he might just be able to top it. With two massively successful albums coming in 2019 alone, it’s hard to even conceive a thought that he can bring his upcoming album as much praise and success as the others, but Dababy would be the one person who could pull something like that off. “Shut Up” is going to be everywhere in the blink of an eye, so don’t miss out and follow along with his crazy weekend in Miami.

Words by Danny Adams