shut the fuck up talking to me – [Zack Fox]

When I first heard about Zack Fox, it was thanks to his wild Twitter activity that was full of outrageously funny content and one-liners that were funnier by the second. His creativity on social media has always been something that attracted new fans, so considering his deep admiration for music that was always apparent, it only made sense when he finally hopped in the booth and spit some bars of his own.

While his comedic disposition helped to ease his way into the hip-hop world, it was beyond clear that he had much more to offer than just punchlines and jokes and all that inventiveness and creativity couldn’t go to waste. After such an unbelievably strong string of singles that continued to show off how special he was as a creative, fans were left wondering when we would finally receive an actual project from the Atlanta jokester, but that wait finally came to an end today with the surprising release of his debut album shut the fuck up talking to me.

Although there was literally no warning except a teaser of a song with the same name that he had recorded with legendary producer The Alchemist, we woke up this morning to a special surprise that had fans caught off guard but excited more than ever before. Featuring 9 songs that span just about 20 minutes long, this album is honestly surprising more than I expected, but in the best way possible. Although Zack might be notorious for his jokes and humor, this project dives so much deeper into his brain than the surface-level gaffs and comedic moments and shows off just how much of a force to be reckoned with Zack truly is.

Obviously, there are still so many hilarious punch lines throughout, but most of the tracks show a more honest and professional side of the rapper, proving that he doesn’t always have to make people laugh in order to turn heads and gain their attention. This is partially due to the various award-winning producers he works with including Kenny Beats, The Alchemist, Synthetic, Dilip, P. Morris, and others, each of whom offers a diverse foundation to push Zack out of his comfort zone in order to make some magic.

I know I didn’t go into specifics with this article very much, but that’s because this album honestly has so much to offer that you need to hear it for yourself in order to correctly appreciate it. shut the fuck up talking to me is unexpected yet remarkable in so many more ways than one, making it an album you need to check out as soon as you find some time to sit back and ingest all of the creativity that it brings to the table.