Shoulders – [Sainvil]

Confidence is infectious. When an artist truly feels and believes every word that comes out of their mouth, it’s usually easy to tell. Whether it be the conviction in their voice, the way they handle themselves during live performances, etc. this confidence can usually be seen, just as is the case with Miami artist Sainvil. Moving with a self-assured sense of poise, the budding talent knows exactly what he wants to say and exactly how he’s going to say it — a trait especially visible in Sainvil’s latest release, “Shoulders.”

Squeezing passion-packed lyrics and his signature air of confidence into an R&B frame, “Shoulders” is an intriguing introduction to Sainvil, as the near-confessional lyrics seem to offset such a mysterious allure. On one hand, the song belts out heart-stirring tales of reflection and supremely confident statements of experience, while on the other hand, it leaves out just enough details to keep audiences coming back for more. Match this to Sainvil’s bellowing vocals and a set of cinematic visuals, and you have a release more than ready to turn heads, whether already familiar or not.

That said, something about “Shoulders” hints that this is just the beginning, so be sure to tune in. I can’t tell exactly what Sainvil is up to, but I know there’s something special here.

Watch the song’s music video below:

Directed by Mowgly Lee
Produced by Lauren Clinton