SHOTS! – [JELEEL!] ft. [Denzel Curry]

I try my best to diversify the things I write about by including different artists as well as a mixture of songs, videos, and projects as often as I can. There are obviously a few artists that I write about a bit more regularly, but that’s just because it’s more fun for me to write about people I truly listen to regularly than it is for me to try and come up with tons of things to say about an emcee that I just don’t know too much about. I say all of this because earlier this week, in fact just a few days ago, I wrote about JELEEL!’s song “SHOTS!” with Denzel Curry, a track that was pulsating with energy, vigor, and vitality, as we’ve come to expect from the Rhode Island and Florida phenoms.

Not even a week could go by, though, without them teaming up with director Zach Madden to shoot a music video for the banger, so even though I just posted the song, I simply couldn’t resist talking about the video because it was just so well-executed. In the miniature movie, we’re taken to this industrial warehouse where there is this complicated contraption resting in the center restraining JELEEL!. As he’s tied up in chains and secured to the foundation, an electrician seems to be doing work on the emcee, turning him from the powerful human he already is into some sort of half-robot cyborg.

When Denzel comes in, he flips up his electrical face mask and goes to work, head banging and shouting his lines right alongside his rap counterpart. Finally, JELEEL! became just too strong for the restraints, breaking free, flipping the metal jungle gym of sorts on its side, and throwing one of the normal human workers into a pile of boxes, rounding things out on a very interesting note. I loved this song from the moment I heard it and I enjoy the video even more, so make sure you don’t miss out on another hit in a long lineage of jams from JELEEL!!