Shots in the Dark – [Iann Dior] ft. [Trippie Redd]

Not even a couple of weeks have passed since Iann Dior dropped off his random yet awesome EP Still Here which ended his brief hiatus in terms of releasing new music, and while there are definitely some questions I have about when he’s going to actually release his next full-length project, I’m still bumping the EP so I can’t complain much. While it seems like he has become one of the biggest stars in music over the past year or two, it’s clear that he’s never going to be completely content, and he’s going to keep grinding to make sure his legacy lasts for years to come.

Although he dropped the EP with a lyric video for the project’s song “Shots in the Dark”, he decided he and Trippie deserve to have a little more fun celebrating the song’s success, teaming up to shoot a music video that is directed by both Mooch and Iann himself. Opening up with an obvious Star Wars theme, Iann finds himself laying in the sand of a barren desert after his spaceship crashed in the distance.

Wandering around the wasteland, he eventually finds himself in an obscure world that is reminiscent of some of the scenes from Land of the Lost before using a binocular-like device to scope out a random building that seemed to contain signs of life. Walking in, Iann is greeted by a group of random characters as he heads straight to the bar to take some shots.

Finally, we arrive at Trippie’s part which he begins to sing at the Craps table in the same bar. After celebrating a win at the table with Iann, it turns out that the two musicians are actually wanted men, so everyone in the place pulls out their futuristic guns and take aim. Trippie decides to take one for the team as Iann makes a quick escape, and although a crew of misfits chases after him, he is able to evade their chase and head out on his own once again.

I was a huge fan of this music video considering it had a bit of a plot and it was just so much different than anything you’d expect to accompany this song. Although this theme literally seems to not have anything to do with the record whatsoever, it was appealing, enthralling, and consumed every last ounce of my attention from the beginning until the very end. I truly hope that Iann gifts us another longer project within the near future because it seems like it has been forever since he dropped his hit album I’m Gone, and while I’m still running that back pretty regularly, I could definitely use some new tunes as soon as possible. Whether you agree with me or not, you’re not going to want to miss the awesome new music video for Iann Dior and Trippie Redd’s latest track “Shots in the Dark”.