Shots – [1TakeQuan]

I’d be lying if I said my mind wasn’t blown when I recently found out there was an entire 1Take crew beyond 1TakeJay, but I was so excited to see what the rest of the group was going to bring to the table. While I’m still not entirely sure who is all in this troop or any other details, LowTheGreat has put me onto many of their individual offerings because he’s a regular when it comes to producing their hits. Hits isn’t an overstatement either, because Low has been painting the underground scene with greatness for years at this point, and even though most of his songs are heavily West Coast-inspired, he somehow manages to make each and every beat sound incredibly individualistic and never repetitive, always creating an enthralling foundation for every artist he works with.

This is the case once again with 1TakeQuan’s latest song “Shots”, and it’s yet another example of an instrumental that just makes you want to party no matter where you are or what time of the day it is. The notorious hitmaker is back and better than ever on this wonderful new single, utilizing echoing, pungent synths combine with chattering percussion and his always extremely vivacious drums to give this track a specific bounce that just takes over your mind and draws you in from the moment the instrumental starts up.

As the hook begins, Quan whispers the name of the song before offering some gritty, persistent words every couple of seconds, enticing listeners to take shots right along with him. In his first verse, his delivery remains gritty and assertive, and his tone of voice makes it seem like he might be discussing some more serious, violent narratives, but he is just trying to keep the party going as he talks about all the different types of alcohol he enjoys as well as the events he likes to partake in while having a good time.

In his second verse, he opts to go with a different cadence yet again, this time showing off a more off-kilter flow that’s strange and uncharacteristic, but entertaining, nonetheless. While certain lines seem to come to an end without fully rhyming, this isn’t a problem because he lets the wavy beat consume your attention and lead us right into the next bar. Lyrically, there’s nothing overly insane to be completely honest, but it’s a telltale party anthem so people aren’t necessarily going to dwell on this aspect while they’re dancing and partying as this song blasts through the speakers at any function, big or small.

As the visual starts up, old clips are shown of Quan after he has clearly had one too many shots, and he’s not doing great, although I’m sure the nights leading up to these moments were unbelievable so he’s not stressing. As the song starts up, there are a few different parties that seem to be shown throughout, one being a birthday party, another being around a pool, and one more with just some of the boys, but each gathering seems more turnt than the previous. During each scene, bottles of tequila, D’usse, and other alcohols are always in someone’s hands or being tilted up to one’s mouth, truly stressing the point of the song and not leaving any room for questions.

As everyone dances, drinks, and parties, it seems like each scene gets wilder and wilder, and as these functions go late into the night, people become even more unhinged and truly let loose, leading to an incredibly entertaining visual. To round it all out, though, a pretty grotesque scene is shown after one of their homies threw up out of a car after drinking too much, and this kind of pops up out of nowhere, so if you don’t have a very strong stomach, I suggest you turn the video off right after Quan stops rapping towards the end.

In all honesty, I can’t say that this song is the most artistic or inventive track to come out of the 1Take family, but it’s guaranteed to get any party bumping as soon as you press play. I give a lot of the credit to LowTheGreat because he consistently paints the underground music scene with his incredible skills when it comes to West Coast beats, and this is truly the solid base that elevates any artist that hops on one of his instrumentals. Quan’s voice adds some more raspy, hard-nosed sounds that the rest of the group doesn’t seem to provide, so this differentiation gives some much-appreciated diversity to the group. Although this was my first introduction toe 1TakeQuan, I was impressed and I’m excited to see what else he has in store for fans as he continues to gain traction in the music scene. As for now, “Shots” is sure to get any party going, so don’t miss out and give it a spin whenever you get a chance.