Shot With Me – [Moe Young] ft. [lilspirit]

Few artists are actually able to capture the attention of any member of Internet Money, so that’s why whenever I heard of a talent working with the hit factory out on the West Coast, I need to listen up. Moe Young is a talent I have consistently heard about, but I have yet to truly listen in to consistently in all honesty. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why because everything I’ve ever heard has been absolutely magnificent, so I realize that I need to finally cut the excuses and give this man the respect and attention he has worked so hard for.

Back at the beginning of Summer, Moe hit up the IM family and trusted that they’d not only help him build another hit, but they’d also give him some assistance on the lyrical front with lilspirit, and “Shot With Me” was created. Considering this was a simple SoundCloud upload, it might not have been expected to take off quite as it did, and luckily, Moe decided to bring this hit to life in the form of an outstanding music video directed by JakeTheShooter. As the song begins to play, the camera pans down from the sky and zooms in on the face of a lovely lady, and once the camera zooms out, you can see that Moe’s arm is draped around her, holding on tight.

As he vibes out with this woman around a luxurious pool in his rearview there are one or two other beautiful girls behind him as well, filling his life with some excitement and backing up many of the sexually fueled lyrics he sings so angelically in this track. While these ladies might be the first thing on his mind, he takes his talents to a party later that night where a group of friends is standing around, playing games and drinking the night away as they look to have a wonderful time.

When Spirit comes in, he inserts himself right where Moe left off, joining the attractive women while also seeming to find a spot on the steps the morning after the rambunctious party, making his presence known through his insanely pure voice and signature bright blue hair. To end things properly, the two talents head out of the party the morning after talking about how the night before got so wild, they barely remember what happened before dapping each other up and going their separate ways.

Although Moe Young might be one of the newest and most under the radar Internet Money members at the moment, I have a feeling that this year is going to be absolutely game-changing for him. His talent just speaks for itself, his look is definitely unique, and his ability to incorporate his own style in with other, more classic influences is just unheard of when compared to other singers, especially anyone else his age. lilspirit is always a showstopper and obviously, this song is no different whatsoever because hearing him complement and elevate Moe’s already remarkable vocals is just a match made in heaven. It goes without saying that Moe Young needs to be on your radar immediately, but if for some reason you’re not sure why, it’ll be obvious after you check out the brand-new visual for his hit song “Shot With Me”.