Shot To The Face – [Goodluck Rylie]

You can really find some of the best music in the absolute oddest ways thanks to the internet. I ended up finding Goodluck Rylie through this swipe music app called Melo. The app itself is perfect for finding newer artists that you’ll fall in love with. Like dating apps such as Tinder, you’ll swipe left or right on artists you like and you’re even able to favorite the songs and artists you enjoy the most. Goodluck Rylie is a California kid through and through and it’s evident with the feel-good nature and tune of his music. He just started releasing music this past May and already has a good solid 5 singles underneath his belt. Rylie has a knack for making big-sounding and polarizing records this early on and he only has 6 songs in total on streaming services. If picked up by the right label and team around him all that’s needed is some fine tuning. Goodluck Rylie already has seemed to master the method to his madness.

Stream Goodluck Rylie’s latest record “Shot To The Face” for yourself after the break.