Shot Again- [Roy Woods]

Roy Woods is no doubt a talented singer, but he’s not just a singer. He has such a smooth and open persona that plays a large part in his music, and his versatility allows him to sing in a few different ways. Sometimes he can belt out incredible notes, other times he tones it down a bit and riffs on some of his lyrics, while other moments he straight-up raps bars. This is not only remarkable, but it proves that he can run with the best in the business and has earned his spot on the OVO roster.

Most recently, Woods delivered a loose single called “Shot Again”. Over a fast-paced, creative bassline, he proceeds to rap and sing masterfully. Even when his words aren’t stretched out during his raps, they sound as if there’s delightful accents on his lyrics that give off the impression that he’s still singing. At certain moments throughout the track, there’s some vocal layering that adds so much depth and complexity to the song. This is all done while he’s talking about nights out where he’s decked out in designer garments, drinking a lot of alcohol, while also being an underdog who beat the odds and came upon a successful life.

There’s no doubt that Roy Woods stands out from a very vast and talented group of R&B singers in this day and age. While everyone has their strengths, his is clearly flexibility which gives him more opportunities to fit in and appear on songs of various styles. While there’s rumors going around that this is either just a random loosie or a single off of the album he’s supposed to release later this year. If the latter is the case, we’re truly in for a treat. Even if not this is such a solid offering from one of the most talented artists on the OVO lineup, so don’t miss this one and definitely check out “Shot Again” by Roy Woods.

Words by Danny Adams