Shooters – [408 Darwin]

Kentucky has never been a stereotypical state that the average rap fan appreciates, but as more and more emcees have been coming out of the woodworks, industry professionals have been keeping a very close eye on everyone from the southern state. Jack Harlow is one of the people you can credit for helping bring attention to KY, and even with so much insane success coming to him from all directions, he is literally just the surface of what the state has brewing.

One of the most prominent up-and-comers I have been vibing with for a while is E the Profit, and just today, I was sent 408 Darwin’s brand-new track “Shooters”, so I’m beyond amped to be hip to another promising talent from there. Hailing from Lexington, Darwin proves why he is inching his way into the conversation whenever someone brings up Kentucky, and this new track has me itching to hear much more.

Produced by marvy ayy, the instrumental is pure, spotless, and smooth, but nothing can compare to the butteriness that Darwin brings to the table. As he spits, his words just seem to pour off of the tip of his tongue, never rushing himself to get to the punchline while also never needing to rush in the first place. This levels up his already swagger-filled charisma and charming personality as confidence and poise fill your ears like a car fills up with smoke while hotboxing.

His conviction is obvious but never overdone, and this one could be played during a chill night in just as easily as it could keep the party going into the early hours of the day. I don’t know how I hadn’t heard about 408 Darwin prior to today, but now that I’m familiar, I know there are a lot more releases that will keep me busy as I continue to learn more about the blossoming Lexington musician.