Shoot First – [Smokepurpp]

One of the worst things about the internet is that everyone has an opinion whether they know someone’s whole story or not, and they’re going to let you know what they think regardless of the situation. Everyone has a different opinion of Smokepurpp, but if one thing is for certain, it’s the fact that music most likely wouldn’t be what it is today without him, and Lyrical Lemonade itself might even be in a different place. Purpp was one of the main voices of the SoundCloud rap movement, and while so many others from the same era seemed to fade away or not figure out how to keep their careers alive, Purpp proved that he wasn’t just here for a moment, he was here for much longer.

2021 was a super quiet year for the 2018 XXL Freshman, but that doesn’t mean he gave up on music whatsoever. In fact, he is just gearing up for his next project which will be his first full-length since his 2020 mixtape Florida Jit, and to get some buzz heading in his direction, he dropped a brand-new video single entitled “Shoot First” produced by DSC Sunny.

The instrumental is fairly straight to the point, but the resounding 808s will rattle your eardrums prior to Purpp’s unchanged energy taking over. In. the hook, the Florida emcee remains pretty blatant with his plans, shooting first and asking questions later, but he wastes no time going on an all-out tirade in his verse, spitting rapid lines full of assertiveness, aggression, and unapologetic confidence.

Even in the All the Smoke-directed music video, Purpp hits the casino to win big at the craps table before blowing his loot at the strip club on some lovely ladies. Purpp hasn’t changed much since he took over the world almost a half-decade ago, but his charisma was what won fans over from the start, so there is no point in pivoting from what works, and I am certainly excited to see the other plans that he has moving into the new year.