Shittttt – [Shaudy Kash]

Detroit rapper Shaudy Kash is back this week with a new visual for his track “Shitttt” that shows why he is my very favorite of the new underground talent emerging from the Motor City which has the rap game in a chokehold currently, as their fast-paced, bouncy sound has spread from coast to coast, influencing just about every regional scene imaginable. As the sound becomes more saturated it is important for artists in this lane to continually distinguish themselves from their peers and the sonic status quo that always has the possibility of making the style too cookie-cutter and easily accessible. Shaudy Kash is so impressive to me because he is clearly very inspired by the sounds of his hometown but both through his delivery and lyrics sets himself apart from the crowd, whether through his nonchalant player attitude that reveals truly what a pragmatist he is at heart, or his bars about being more frugal than his peers, opting to save his money and skip the designer clothes and drugs which he has the foresight to realize how irrelevant they truly are. His new video is more up-tempo than many of the other tracks included on his latest project “I Can’t Make This Shit Up” which certainly makes it one of the most memorable off the tape.