Shittin’ Me – [A$AP Rocky]

Although there are still a bunch of artists that I listened to over a decade ago that are more relevant today than ever, I think A$AP Rocky has been one of the only musicians that has managed to get more and more creative as time goes by. I just feel like his music in general is on an entirely different level than even his most notorious hits of the early 2010s, and his music videos have kicked things up more than a few notches.

Sure, the fact that he’s dating Rihanna and has a child with her certainly helps keep him in front of the public eye, but I think even without this incredible relationship, he’d still be one of the most prominent emcees in the modern world. He’s also one of my favorite artists out and has been since middle school, so when he drops a new song, I’m certainly going to check it out, no questions asked.

About a week ago, he dropped his song “Shittin’ Me” produced by Krash for the Need For Speed video game soundtrack, but the Grin Machine-directed music video is unquestionably not something you’re going to regret watching even slightly. As it begins, Rocky is simply the star of the show whether he’s in the office, hanging out at home with his friends, or partaking in any other activity you can think of. Things take a turn when his viral Rolling Loud Moshpit video is recreated, but on an entirely new level as he ends up not waking up on the ground after the crowd leaves.

Instead of giving him a proper burial, his “friends” and music business executives decide to capitalize on the situation, using his body as a life-sized puppet to continue to profit off of his likelihood however they can. I think this says a lot about what others do when their main source of income unexpectedly and unfortunately passes away, but it is done so in such a fast-paced, unique, and enthralling fashion that you simply can’t overlook this release no matter what.