Some artists that I’ve been following over the years have reached certain levels where they can help more up-and-comers reach their full potential, and I think that’s such an amazing thing. CHXPO was an emcee who I was bumping constantly a few years back, and his personality was always something that kept me coming back to each new offering. Although I have admittedly lost touch with the underground icon in recent memory, I have revisited some of his classic tracks every now and then, and every time I tuned in, I knew that his spot in the music scene was as sturdy as ever.

Since then, it turns out that CHXPO has started a collective with some talents he truly believes in, and while I have heard so much about KiLLKODY over the past year or so, I honestly didn’t know he was one of the members of this group. That was brought to my attention by CHXPO himself who hit me up and said I needed to tap in with their song “SHE’S 2 GOTH 4 ME” which was produced by gokami, synthetic, and mat1k, as well as the Astari exclusive music video. One thing I rapidly learned is that when this man puts you onto music, I know it’s always in your best interest to check it out, so I’m definitely glad I did.

Although this record is extremely chaotic, energized, and simply weird in the best way possible, it is one of the most electric tracks I’ve heard in quite some time without a doubt. KODY has such a captivating delivery where he spits quick spurts of lyrics that are entertaining yet simplistic enough to easily learn the words, and I found myself rapping along with every bar after just a few listens.

When CHXPO comes in, he shows off a bit more fluid cadence that is full of a more grimy, gritty sound that matches the instrumental perfectly while also juxtaposing KODY’s slightly more simplistic and electric style that balances out this song seamlessly. After listening to “SHE’S 2 GOTH 4 ME”, I rapidly realized that I have lost touch with CHXPO for way too long, and I have been sleeping on KiLLKODY for even longer, making these two emcees who you need on your radar moving forward if you try and pride yourself on being tapped in with some of the hottest artists in the underground as I do.