She Want Some More – [Internet Money] ft. [Ken Car$on] & [Lil Tecca]

When considering different powerhouses in the hip-hop industry currently, the list doesn’t extend very far at all without Internet Money coming into the discussion. The collective of producers took over a handful of years ago, and it seems like ever since, they have had a hand in some of the biggest hits in the business, so it’s obvious that they’re not ones to mess with. They also have a select few artists that they regularly work with on a variety of projects, and even though these emcees are people we’ve come to expect to work with IM, they never fail to impress every time they drop something new.

I have been waiting patiently for a follow-up to the label’s next big project after their massively successful 2020 debut album B4 THE STORM, and even with the release of countless bangers ever since, I don’t know if I’ve been as excited about anything as I am for their upcoming EP WE ALL WE GOT which is set to release on August 18th. The tape will feature 6 songs and include artists like Lucki, Destroy Lonely, Yeat, Lil Yachty, and more, and the collective’s brand-new single “She Want Some More” featuring Ken Car$on and Lil Tecca has me more eager than I could’ve ever anticipated.

Ken even had a hand in producing this remarkable song alongside Starboy and OUTTATOWN, so that in and of itself is captivating. Beyond that, though, I honestly never expected Tecca and Ken to jump on the same song, but after hearing their chemistry and realizing that their beat selection is similar, I now can’t envision a world where they weren’t on a track with one another.

Although their flows and vocal styles differ, their overall charismas are very comparable which goes such a long way in this record as they trade off lines that are so seamless that it feels as if they’re sharing a singular brain. “She Want Some More” is certainly going to be played on repeat for the foreseeable future on my end, making it something you certainly don’t want to pass up prior to the release of what is sure to be the EP of the summer.