She Likes My Tattoos – [Pardyalone]

I have a handful of very trusted sources who send music my way, and while there are a plethora of other people who try and send music to me whenever they can, I know that this small group is never going to send anything unless it is actually well worth the listen. Pardyalone is one of the artists that came across my radar probably no more than a month or so ago, but after all of the artists that have been sent to me, I have to admit that I think he very well might be my favorite, but I still want to hear so much more of his music before I make that my definitive opinion.

His song “Not A Home” is just so moving and powerful, and even with an instrumental that sets a melancholic scene, it’s Pardy’s voice that just naturally pumps all of these feelings into the record, making it literally impossible not to feel something while listening. “She Likes My Tattoos” is the name of his latest single which boasts a Clay Wilson-produced beat that includes some addicting guitar riffs and a rock-forward style that I absolutely love.

In turn, his vocals paint the entire picture with the way they’re delivered, and even if he was literally humming rather than saying actual lyrics, the sentiment would still shine through without any impotence. Pardy even teamed up with Nicholas Jandora to shoot another music video together, this time utilizing a bleak storyline of his relationship with a girl in his life that seems to only drive him to drink and go insane, but the cycle continues, nonetheless.

Not many artists have been able to utilize their passion in such a commanding manner, but Pardyalone is one of the few exceptions who has impressed me more and more with each new release, so you definitely can’t ignore him any longer because he is going to be a star in literally the blink of an eye one of these days, and you don’t want to miss it.