Shatter – [Co-op] feat. Kmoe

In serving as a historically-defining aspect of the digicore scene throughout its entire lifespan thus far, the mass amount of collectives within it carry quite a large amount of influence with them. Not only that, but they have come to offer a limitless amount of creative options for artists inside the scene to either explore or make happen via their involvement with them by itself.

The latest example of this picture being painted in real-time happens to be with one of the scene’s most eclectic talents, Kmoe. The ever-consistent Vancouver talent has certainly carved out a particular sound for himself based on both his solo work and dedicated efforts to the NoHeart collective for quite some time now, but recent developments have revealed that there is so much more of his artistry to explore than anyone could have guessed. 

These statements result from his recent introduction to Co-op — essentially a lineup of scene all-stars in the form of a single collective. With this new endeavor comes an endless amount of new possibilities for this young talent to undertake, whether that is through the ease of collaboration with his new contemporaries, or in discovering and mastering an alternate artistic approach inside this setting specifically. 

At a moment’s notice, both of these concepts have come to light with his first single under the collective’s name in “Shatter.” Over what would have been considered a rare choice of production before his association with the collective, he successfully brings together a brand new creative vision for himself with this track in such an exemplary manner. 

These facts are proven in full based on that aforementioned production choice by itself; Elxnce and Kurai are no strangers to diverse collaboration, but the two have never found a home compared to Kmoe’s usually-self produced output. But now that these three find themselves in this specific environment, their chemistry together reveals itself as being nothing short of brilliant. The sporadic, yet tightly-constructed pop beat here conjures just the right amount of memorability while still giving our main performer all the room in the world to shine. 

Kmoe never fails at doing just that, but it is the way he moves in this new direction that makes this track so impressive. He takes his established pop prowess and applies that to some of the most addicting vocal riffs heard this year, but in-between these moments are numerous animated verses that flaunt his expertise on the mic more than any of his recent tracks ever have. His typically-commanding vocals are graced with a new cloak as well, with their highly-pitched status being just as effective as any other performance he’s given before.

Kmoe as a singular artist already proves so much about what his scene stands for in his own right, but his introduction into Co-op and the track that came with it take that symbolic nature to the next level. These acts are truly making the most out of these unique opportunities within this wholly nuanced environment, and with this event in particular, nothing else could have reflected what this means better than this.