Sharc Wave – [Sharc] & [Pi’erre Bourne]

Pi’erre Bourne has always been a visionary, but it feels like ever since he got into rapping himself, that’s when he truly leveled up. His production has always been incredible, but he just knows exactly how to flow over his own production and ever since starting his SossHouse collective, he has discovered even more emcees who can make magic on his instrumentals. I’m honestly not entirely sure how many talents are included on the roster at this point, but I’m a fan of J Billz and Jelly, so I am always down to hear about other affiliates of the group.

One name that has constantly come up is Sharc, a Queens, New York rapper that Pi’erre has taken under his wing, helping mold him into the multifaceted talent that he has become himself. Luckily, one of the first glimpses of his music that I’ve gotten is a new collaborative project that Sharc and Pi’erre created entitled Sharc Wave, and it’s unbelievable.

Pi’erre’s instrumentals definitely lean to his more experimental and off-the-wall side, but those have historically been my favorite kinds of beats from the hitmaker, so the more inventive, the better in my eyes. Although Sharc is undeniably more to-the-point and less melodic than his counterpart typically is, I feel like the variety of production used throughout gives him so many different backdrops to invent new cadences and push himself to the next level.

Whether he’s speeding up his verses or providing some individualistic deliveries, Sharc quickly became an emcee whom I am genuinely excited to hear more from, especially when he’s working with a mentor like the SossHouse founder and boss. Along with the project, there have been a few visuals to also drop sporadically, so make sure you stay tapped in so you don’t miss another release from the exciting star in the making!