It has been a little while since I’ve dove deep into the SoundCloud music scene, but there are a few names that I was introduced to through the online platform that I’ll never stop cheering for, the biggest name being BBY GOYARD. Just the other day, he decided to team up with producer rubbishrubbish to create a hit entitled “SHAPESHIFTER”, and if you’re not necessarily familiar with GOYARD’s many styles of music, buckle up because you’re in for a treat with this one.

Beginning with the beat, there is a dreamy, high pitched synth of some sort that is accentuated by crisp, lighthearted percussion as well as some deep, pungent drums that don’t seem to begin right off the bat, but they enter the picture in a very stealthy, out of left field-like manner. As he raps, he utilizes his slightly higher-pitched vocals that are covered in autotune and other effects, yet he still manages to let his true talents shine through as his vocals just seem to be so pure and genuine. A bit later on, a sliding synth or whistle enters the production to provide even more heavenly sounds that level up GOYARD’s already angelic vocals, constantly leveling up this somewhat short offering from the moment you press play.

If you’re familiar with the Maryland phenom, you know that his style is almost as unique as his individualistic sound, so when you see the accompanying ggggoldbloom-directed music video, the overall aesthetic should come as no surprise. Opening up on a somewhat comical note, the camera captures a random fisherman glaring at the camera in confusion as he reels in his cast on a calm-looking dock. From here, he wanders around the beautiful, serene terrain in his unbelievable outfit, mixing camouflage with designer without even second-guessing the move, proving that he’s a trendsetter in every sense of the word. While the rest of the visual is fairly simplistic, you don’t need anything wild or crazy when your main focus is BBY GOYARD, and that’s something you’ll find out very early on.

While Lil Shannon might’ve been one of the first artists I had heard make music that was even remotely similar to the rising hyperpop scene’s sound, he has been doing this for the better part of a decade so it only makes sense that he had to have influenced so many of the younger generation coming up in music right now. Even if he’s not making hyperpop himself, he paved the way to be individualistic, inventive, and not care about what anyone else thinks because if you’re confident in your skills and creativity, others are going to support you as well. With that being said, BBH GOYARD isn’t going to take his foot off the gas anytime soon, so make sure you show him some love and support by tuning into his latest offering “SHAPESHIFTER” below.