Shameless Gorillas – [Shakewell] [Ramirez] & [Mikey the Magician]

Over the years, I have ventured into so many different styles of music, it’s crazy. Although there are certain subgenres that I don’t find myself listening to as much anymore, there are times when I go back and revisit these artists, and it never fails that I find myself fully encapsulated again like I once was no matter how long ago I was into that kind of music. $uicideboy$ are still a duo that I truly owe so much to considering they opened my mind to an entirely different side of rap, and it is because of them that I found out about emcees like Germ, Night Lovell, Shakewell, and Ramirez, amongst so many others.

Due to my deep and fruitful relationship with all of these artist’s music, I can never let them release something new without tapping in, so when I found out that Shakewell and Ramirez teamed up yet again with Mikey the Magician for their record “Shameless Gorillas”, I knew this was as essential as it gets for me to tune in and listen up. MTM gives these two spitters the perfect base thanks to a haunting piano progression that collides with infectious, rattling hats and claps and absolutely eardrum-busting 808s, and I wouldn’t expect anything but the best from this iconic producer.

Ramirez wastes absolutely no time, almost instantaneously peppering the instrumental with rapid-fire words that are as menacing as they are impressive. Shakewell comes in right after, continuing with a pretty quick flow that seems to have a bit more complexity to it thanks to a couple of vocal layers, providing the perfect equalizer to Ramirez’s confrontational portion without forfeiting any sort of aggression or assault on his own end. Any mixture of G59 artists or affiliates is never a letdown even in the slightest, and Shakewell, Ramirez, and Mikey the Magician will never miss even if they wanted to, so “Shameless Gorillas” was a hit from its conception, making it a record you don’t want to miss out on for even another second.