Shaiva ups the score with “Basketball.”

Shaiva, an upcoming talent known for his autotune-influenced melodies and use of metaphor, has recently released a new song titled “Basketball”. With nearly 50,000 TikToks made using its audio, the track has been gaining momentum within the hip-hop industry, and Shaiva’s looking to capitalize.

The song “Basketball” comes at the perfect time, just ahead of the start of the NBA playoffs. Shaiva’s lyrics and rhythm take listeners through a journey of his trials and tribulations on his rise to prominence. The catchy chorus and smooth flow of the verses are a testament to Shaiva’s skill as a well-rounded artist. What stood out to me above the delivery, was his ability to storytell. He weaved his personal experiences in and out of each line flawlessly, and it draws in the listener, making them feel more connected to the piece, something that lacks in the modern industry.

Check out rising star Shaiva’s “Basketball” on Spotify below!