Shae – [Darius the Barbarian]

Fortunately, over the last couple of years, several musicians, especially in Hip-Hop, have been openly expressing their sexuality. Artists from Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Kevin Abstract, and recently superstar Lil Nas X, are just a few of the main artists to publicly announce the fact that they are bi-sexual or gay.

With that said, Darius the Barbarian confidently and jokingly speaks on his sexuality on his newest single, “Shae.” The song describes how Darius and his best friend were trying to be “the baddest” in an attempt to seduce their school principal. With lyrics such as, “when lunch come, go through the back door, lasers on the wall so ass to the floor,” Darius is just having a good time on this bouncy and rambunctious track.

Produced by Brooklyn-Native, Jab, “Shae” is designed to be just as expressive and full of attitude as Darius is throughout his verses. Futuristically inspired, the lead melody guides listeners through an entire story while maintaining the natural bounce necessary to keep them moving.

Darius the Barbarian does not hold back, and he is proud of who he is. You can hear it in his voice and his projection.

With more on the way this summer, make sure to stream “Shae” here:

Words by Barry R