I know I talk about EGOVERT so often that you might almost be sick of hearing about him, at this point. At the same time, though, if you’ve cared enough to tune into any of his previous tracks, you know exactly why I rave so much about him, and if you have been ignoring me for some unexplainable reason, let this be your final warning because it’s legitimately mandatory that you check him out.

Just the other day, EGO decided to team up with one of my other favorite up-and-comers 1NONLY for a brand-new Dustin Cavazos and Mathias Tyner-produced record entitled “SEXYBACK!”. If you’re familiar with these two hitmakers, you know that you should expect the unexpected, but the way they just build all-out bangers with some of the most unique instruments and layers is completely insane in all of the best possible ways.

This track is no different, and EGO is the perfect man for the job as he brings his trademark energy as well as some very eye-opening and somewhat raunchy lyrics to the forefront that are sure to get any function bumping. When 1NONLY comes in later, though, he delivers a slightly smoother, more melodious verse with his deeper, more serene voice that matches the upbeat disposition of the record, but never seems to get too overly enthusiastic or excited, allowing EGOVERT to bring these reactions to the forefront.

While any EGOVERT song is truly a spectacle, his music videos are no different, so when I saw he released this record alongside a Blind Cap Vision-directed visual, I could help myself from tuning in. As it opens, there are multiple scenes shown with a colorful hue or tint on certain parts of the rooms they find themselves in, and as the camera seems to spin and zoom out, new shots are constantly rotated in for a continuous shot that looks like it’s never-ending. Comically, 1NONLY begins his verse recording while sitting on the toilet before rejoining the rest of the crew in the other various settings where they continue the party for what seems like days on end.

Once again, I’ve been lucky enough to actually become friends with EGO over the past year or so, and he’s just been able to confirm the fact that he’s one of the hardest workers in the entire industry. Obviously, his music output would suggest that, but he’s not just doing that for show. He said he’s pretty much just always locked into the studio 24/7 and his consistent releases prove this, so I can’t give him enough props. While he has detailed a few of his future plans for me, I can’t go into detail because I definitely don’t want to spoil any plans, but I will say that we are in for treat after treat all year long, so buckle up and prepare yourselves for the year of EGOVERT. Even though his next release will probably be in our laps in the blink of an eye, make sure you tune in and listen to EGOVERT and 1NONLY’s incredible new track entitled “SEXYBACK!”