Sex Sounds – [Lil Tjay]

It’s incredible how many moves Lil Tjay has made in the last year. I remember hearing him featured on a song awhile back and enjoying his style, but I wasn’t anticipating that I’d hear nearly as much more from him as I have. He’s all over the industry, collaborating with major artists, staying true to his fellow New York rapper friends, and dropping some of the best solo music in recent memory. “Sex Sounds” was a standout song on last year’s project True 2 Myself, and he’s reviving the song once again by providing an awesome new visual.

Deep, drawn-out piano chords mixed with the ringing of on-beat bells and Tjay’s humming in the background create the foundation for a passionate love song. Although it’s very apparent that Tjay can rap with the best of the best, on this song he sings in a very emotional manner, portraying the love and lust behind his words through the telling notes he croons. I’m no stranger to the sounds of autotune within music as I’m sure most Hip-Hop fans can relate, but Tjay just uses it in a way that is beyond smooth and impressive. I feel as though it’s an effect that gets overused way too much by artists who need a boost within their sound, but this is the exact opposite for him. He uses it because he truly knows how to manipulate the effects masterfully but doesn’t need it to heighten his talents in the slightest. Clearly, as if the name didn’t give it away, this song is all about the longing and desire he has for his significant other. He goes into almost too much detail about his partner, discussing their intimate actions and the passion behind their relationship.

For the music video, Tjay takes his girl to some sort of tropic island for a scenic getaway. In the beginning, they’re lying in a bed within a sort of cabana, caressing and admiring each other in an intimate setting. While he seems to be wandering through a bit of a jungle, singing his lyrics, his girl is cooling off in the crystal-clear water on the beach. A really interesting scene comes directly after this, as Tjay sits in an old school car filled with vibrant flowers. Although it’s a relatively straightforward visual, Tjay and his significant other do a great job of bringing the song to life, giving off a sort of impression that they’re the only ones in existence and nothing else in the world matters to them but the moments they share with one another.

Although I’m a very big fan of Lil Tjay’s intricate bars and quick words within most of the songs he has a part in, this song totally slows the pace down and I’m definitely a fan. I’m used to hearing his real-life testimonials from his upbringing in the streets of the Big Apple and how moments were rough for him, but he overcame adversities and became a better person for them. On this track, he’s just enjoying life and that special someone he was experiencing life with at the moment, so the transition of emotions is evident but understood. Lil Tjay is back and better than ever in the music video for “Sex Sounds”, so be sure to peep the visual below.