Serpent – [Pouya]

Pouya is someone that never fails to impress me with his creativity, but after so many years of perfecting his craft, I’m no longer shocked by his insanely imaginative brain. I can’t say that I listen to him as religiously as I used to for no reason other than changing preferences over the years, but I never pass up an opportunity to write about something new from the Florida icon, and his music videos as of the past year or two have seriously come a long way when compared to some of the basic visuals that other artists seem to put out just to skate by.

A few months ago, he put out his EP dirt/hurt/pain/ and although it was a pretty quick hit, it was still such an addicting group of songs, and I knew he was going to have some amazing visuals to go along with it. I may be a few days late, but he recently dropped a VIAL-directed flick for his Noi Bruno-produced song “Serpent”, and it was just too out of the box to not write about it. As it begins, he is laying in his bed, tossing and turning in a way that seems like he has way too much on his mind and he’ll never actually fall asleep.

Without warning, he finds himself in this alternate dimension trekking through various bed sheets while coming across different devilish characters along the way. These individuals seem to be label heads trying to get him to sign awful deals, women who are tempting him left and right, and even people disguised as friends offer him drinks, but once their true demonic identity comes out, it seems to be too late and Pouya sees himself turning into one of these creatures. Luckily, things end with him waking up from the nightmare, and although there isn’t a resolution to his racing mind, I definitely think that this video came out spectacularly, so I couldn’t have asked for anything more from the tenured emcee.