Senta – [Twikipedia] x [ericdoa]

The greater online music landscape at this very moment is utterly limitless in its scope of influence. Any and all artists – regardless of their level of prominence – can essentially make whatever kind of music they want, when they want, and still see immense commercial and critical acclaim because of it.

This of course allows for a number of different types of content to be carried out by even the most esteemed of creators in today’s age, but one type of outlook that is oft-forgotten amongst its adjacent ones is the act of exploring and flaunting one’s heritage-based influence through their music alone. Because a great deal of today’s Internet-based music is tellingly nation-neutral from a spectacle, it is especially brilliant when an artist can truly call back to their roots in a natural and wholly nuanced manner. 

That is exactly what noted pop standouts Twikipedia and ericdoa have come to do with their recent collaborative single entitled “Senta.” The two rising talents have channeled their Latino heritage and pride alike into an absolutely incredible Brazillian funk track that is just as genuine towards the genre it is attempting to embody as it is infused with a modern sensibility about it. The resulting product is nothing short of outstanding by itself. 

Most of the modern nuance here comes from the always-impressive production work from Twikipedia themself. The Brazilian native takes the bouncy and staccato-ridden elements of this genre and cloaks them in a wash of abrasive effects not too dissimilar to the ones found within the rest of their discography. The culminating beat is one of the most moving and exciting pieces out of their entire catalog. 

The resounding instrumental is compounded by both Twikipedia and the accompanying ericdoa’s infectious verses and overall vocal presence. With not one bit of English spoken throughout, these two manage to still make an entirely foreign vocal outlook completely appealing to their primarily English-speaking audience given their respective discographies up to this point. They would not be able to do this however if not for how well these two flow over this admittedly obscure-sounding beat compared to their past work. These efforts pay off in droves though, as their deliveries essentially add another gripping element to this highly energetic and moving experience altogether. 

If anything else, the success of this track proves how talented these two are given their musicianship alone. It elevates their sense of originality and pure artistry through the fact that they could genuinely make any sound and/or style come off just as appealing and impressive as any other — but because it was done in such a relevant manner this time around knowing their heritage, no one should be surprised how well it went off as a result.