Sensitive – [Serena Isioma]


As an artist, staying static isn’t sustainable. Sure it may work for a bit, but in order to stick around and keep fans engaged, development is key. One artist who embodies such is Serena Isioma. With every new release, many of which we’ve covered for LL, Isioma shows fans a new side of her artistry, never losing track of the key elements that make her individualistic along the way. Today, pushing the ball yet again, the rising talent is here with her latest single, “Sensitive.”

While the title of the song may hint otherwise, “Sensitive” is a hard-nosed track, building its foundation around a contrast between songwriting and sonics. On one hand, the confident, almost cautious lyrics touch on a pain point for Isioma, sure to resonate with all types of listeners. Meanwhile, playing the other side of things, the production maintains a constant, mesmeric groove, and brings this release full circle as a unique one, if not anything else.

It’s been a privilege watching Serena Isioma grow thus far, and with releases like “Sensitive,” I’m sure this is only the beginning. Stream her latest at the Spotify link provided below!