Sensitive – [Richie Quake]

“‘Sensitive’ is about being in love with someone but still feeling like they don’t really understand your needs. Despite being very in love and having many beautiful moments with my ex girlfriend, I often felt like she wouldn’t listen to my feelings or be considerate of my emotions. This song is basically the conversation that I wish I’d been able to have with her when we were together.” – Richie Quake

Brooklyn, New York’s emerging sensation Richie Quake shares his new single “Sensitive;” a stunning track with mellow guitar-filled highlights and contemplative lyrics. With a retro-indie sound, Quake’s vocals serve as a subtle outcry for personal acceptance.  Specifically describing the struggles of his past relationship, a certain feeling of emptiness is emphasized through the somber bassline, while Richie pleads for his former lover to display any form of empathy. As a result of the nuanced production, Quake’s emotions are seemingly felt with every word expressed. Richie’s intentionality of weaving periodic spaces between jointed musicality and pure instrumentation successfully crafts an element of softness pertaining to the song’s title. With heavy replay value, “Sensitive” is a record that’s left me anxious for whatever else Richie Quake has in store. Have a listen to the offering below!