Senju Hashirama – [Supa Bwe]


Hashirama Senju (千手柱間, Senju Hashirama) was the First Hokage (初代火影, Shodai Hokage; Literally meaning “First or Founding Fire Shadow”)

The latest, best thing out of Chicago is back again with another self-produced track, although it is not a Hurt Everybody track, just Supa Bwe.  The crazy thing about it all is that he has already released enough tracks to make a whole mix tape – in just two months, effortlessly.  Imagine what his debut project will be like? It’s honestly scary to think about, everyone should tune in now because I can honestly say that Supa Bwe is the future of Chicago music.  Stream “Senju Hashirama” below and listen to Supa fight his demons.

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