Send Heartss – [Jay2]

No matter where in the country or even in the entire world that music leads me, I’m beyond grateful that it always brings me back to my home of Chicago. While there are always new artists coming out of the city, I obviously can’t keep up with everyone, so some of the most talented individuals can sometimes slip through my fingers. Nonetheless, I need to make sure that when I find out about a truly promising Chicago artist, I need to do my best to listen up and put other people onto them because I love seeing my city winning as I’m sure most people do, and I’ll never understand how Chicago can be so slept on after all of the unbelievably underrated artists that this city has produced.

Most recently, one of my homies put me onto an artist he manages who goes by the name of Jay2. While this name is somehow new to me, I have no excuses as to why I’m unfamiliar considering he has almost 700 thousand monthly Spotify listeners and he has worked with numerous artists, the most notable being St. Louis’ very own Smino. While it’s slightly embarrassing that I have been so ignorant, I knew I couldn’t live in the past and had to catch up, so I began with his brand-new project entitled Send Heartss, and I was a fan from the moment I pressed play.

It’s clear from the very early moments of the project that Jay’s instrumental selection was done so very carefully and meticulously in order to not only complement his very unique sound, but it also seems as if he chose certain beats that were going to push him out of his comfort zone ever so slightly, although during these moments, his true artistry came out and he seemed to thrive more than ever before. Most of the instrumentals seem as if they have some sort of soulful or jazzy influence that is combined with other uncharacteristic instruments and sounds that combine for a very unique, obscure sound that is inventive and captivating for new and seasoned listeners alike.

On the majority of songs, Jay’s vocals contain fairly high levels of autotune, but the alteration doesn’t flood your ears nearly as much as it does when other artists use the effect. Instead, it seems to compliment his naturally energetic and somewhat melodious voice in a way that couples with the production and adds more layers to each beat in a way that additional instruments couldn’t quite handle. Beyond this, he only recruits two features including his Zero Fatigue partner Bari and another up and comer known as BOS. This is impressive because most artists who release a project that’s more extensive than 5 or 6 songs usually need some additional assistance in order to keep things fresh and unrepetitive, but Jay2 does an amazing job of constantly rotating through his arsenal of talents, keeping things new and creative throughout the entire offering in such an impressive and enthralling manner.

I know this might come off as me being biased towards Jay2 considering I always cheer on Chicago artists as much as I can, but out of my own personal integrity, if I don’t enjoy a song or project, I’m just simply not going to write about it. That’s why, when I hear an album like Send Heartss from an artist I was previously unfamiliar with and I’m as thoroughly impressed as I am, I can’t help but rant and rave about it as much as I can. You can bet your life savings that I’m going to go and tell my friends to check this project out, and you’ll understand why as soon as you listen through it even just once. With that being said, make sure you familiarize yourself with Jay2 and his most recent remarkable project Send Heartss as soon as you possibly can.