Selfish – [Akinyemi] x [Shane Garcia]

The skillful rap ability of Akinyemi and unbelievably lush vocals of Shane Garcia connect on their new collaborative single, “Selfish.” The inward-focusing record carries with it a duality and an important message that asks for more thoughtful intention towards the idea of taking care of yourself. This redefining anthem paints a vivid picture of the kind of misinterpretation associated with being selfish and how, in certain situations, the idea of being selfish can be healing. Supported by crisp production that lays an open space for both artists to operate, Shane Garcia leads things off with a hypnotizing hook that creates a euphoric stage for Akinyemi’s poignant verses. The back and forth between these two is intoxicating, creating a palpable R&B leaning single. “Selfish” is Akinyemi’s first single release from his upcoming 13-track project, Reborn, which further delves into the explorative style of the New York-based rapper.

Listen to “Selfish” by Akinyemi and Shane Garcia below.